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Brașov , Bld. Gării nr. 7
Step confidently into a world of entertainment with style, filled with ever present excitement and thrill. Introducing DASH, the most innovative and alluring outlet for fun in Brașov. Discover the pleasure of playing, among friends, in a dynamic yet distinguished atmosphere. Designed to suit those eager for fun, the local is open daily, between the hours 09.00 – 03.00 and run by a lively and dedicated staff. There are 15 billiard tables, one snooker table and 3 bowling alleys at your disposal, each detail playing its part in converting an ordinary evening into a cherished memory. Spend your leisure time among select company in the most exciting destination in Brașov, found in the underground floor of Kronwell Gallery. Style and refinement come together, to deliver the highest quality products and services, within a wide menu of beverages and cigars. Feel good. Live well.


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Adresă: Brașov , Bld. Gării nr. 7
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