Madame Prallini

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Brașov , Bld. Gării nr. 7
When passion for cooking rises to the level of art, the most skilled bakers and pastry chefs provide you with a range of high-class couture sweets, cakes and pastries meant to satisfy the most demanding tastes. Our talented staff can accommodate your personalized orders for any special occasions, making sure the dessert will be a thing of amazement. Madame Prallini combines an ambience in which simplicity vibrates in every detail with the elegant features of a French pastry. Natural ingredients of the highest quality lab are transformed in the Madame Prallini cooking laboratory into the most coveted desserts. Carefully wrapped to preserve refined shapes and properties, they end up in your home, where, shared with loved ones, the Madame Prallini experience becomes a ritual. Happiness, one taste away.


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Adresă: Brașov , Bld. Gării nr. 7
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